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New research by Professor Ernest Abel, Wayne State University, could revolutize teens' approach to choosing a career.

His study concluded that people’s surnames can influence the type of career path taken.

For example, he discovered that people with the surname “Doctor” were more likely to be doctors than lawyers, whereas those with the surname “Lawyer” were more likely to be lawyers.

A separate study revealed that a look at that the first few letters of a physician's surname should suggest (significantly!) their medical speciality. For example, a doctor named Raymond is more likely to be radiologist.

So, if these studies can be extended to other career areas, such as mathematics, one needs only to find a Mathew and convince them to be a mathematician.

Source: Abel, E. "Influence of Names on Career Choices in Medicine." Names: A Journal of Onomastics (2010) 58 (2): 65-74