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Craig's List Error

This is how the ad on Craig's List read: "I have a box of over 2000 basketball cards that i am willing to sell. you can buy cards for 0.10 cents each or 100 dollars for the entire box...."

My eye caught the mathematical error...did you?

So, I wrote a "gentle" note to the author of the ad: "Just a small note... you might want to correct your ad for the sports cards. At 0.10 cents per card, the cost of 2000 cards would be $2, not $100."

And, a few days later, he corrected the ad and sent this note: "oh whoops i didnt mean the decimal to be there. thank you for helping me. i am only 11 and i am just getting into selling things."

Ah, the frustrations and joys of being a member of the Math Police!