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Teaching vs. Work

Certain things frustrate me. Such as a note from a former colleague who left teaching, fondly remembering the "ease of teaching."

And, in a review of books on teacher quality, I discover Robyn Jackson's ASCD book "Never Work Harder Than Your Students and Other Principles of Great Teaching. The author claims the book will help teachers who "want to achieve their full potential and help their students do the same." UGH!

A former National Board-certified teacher and middle school administrator, Jackson shares how she learned from her mistakes and explains how other teachers helped her think and act like a master teacher....thinking is okay, but acting?

But, the title bothers me greatly. All teachers have to work...preparing, learning, organizing, reflecting, reading, communicating, etc.

There is no way around it...teaching is hard work!

And to those preparing to be teachers, if you do not expect it to be hard work, please go into another profession!