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My Wait is Over!

I have spent my entire life trying to help students improve as problem solvers. And now, the secret is sold on ebay for only $0.98.

The title: Problem Solving Secret: Solve Any Problem, available as a 17-page animated Powerpoint presentation. The author, Mr. Linn, claims he has taught the secret of problem solving to his college students for the past 26 years....How did I miss this?

In the Powerpoint, Linn reviews three common techniques for problem solving...and then in one simple page shares the secret to solving any problem. That's right... ANY PROBLEM!

As the ebay ad notes: "It is usually the simple things we overlook, or donít quite see them clearly. Mr. Linn focusís a clear light on solving problems and shows you his powerful belief which will hopefully allow you to view problem solving in an entirely new way....Mr. Linn discovered the secret while in his spare time solving problems using a book he was given at age 16." I wonder what that magical book is?

Again, only $0.98 for the secret to solving any problem. Unfortunately, I could not afford this gem...nor could any one else, as the item remained unsold. How sad!