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All in a Name

Book titles in mathematics fascinate me, both by what they hide and what they promise.

Perhaps one of the shortest title is R.D. Driver's Why Math?, published in 1984. He should have titled it Y Math?

And perhaps the longest was a book recently listed on ebay for $7. It is William B. Young's An Arithmetical Dictionary Or Book Of Reference Comprising A System Of Practical Tables, Made By A Compound Of Decimal And Vulgar Fractions, Or Rather A Series Of Arithmetical Progression, And So Arranged As To Give The Cost Of Any Number Of Articles At Any Given Price (IN Dollard And Cents) From One Sixteenth Of One Cent To Ten Thousand Dollars. Also Giving The Interest, Insurance, Commission, Brokage, Etc Of Any Sum Of Money At Any Per Cent Whatever, Likewise Embracing A System Of Practical Arithmetic Containing A Few Of The Most Important And Convenient Rules For Stating And Working Proportion, Or Rule Of Three Practice Etc With Numerous Examples, Showing The Use Of The Tables To Serve As A Guide To Practical Business, published in 1848.

I kid you not....