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3, 76, 49, 24, 59, 36

The internet posted this problem.....

What is the next number?

3, 76, 49, 24, 59

Got an answer? Can you justify it....?

In case you get stumped, the Internet "hint" offered was "This isn't in the series category." Not much help in my estimation, but a hint is often useful only if you know the answer.

To stop you from pulling out your hair, the answer is 36. But why, you say....as you have tried all of the powerful mathematics you can think of....?

To solve it, all you have to do is look at the title for this MathLint. I know... Boo---Hiss!

Though not my problem, it points out our tendency (hopefully "our" and not just "my") to overthink situations. Plus, our access to powerful mathematics can obfuscate the problem at hand!

Source: Braingle, August 29, 2010