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The End-All

The Australian ebay price was low...$26 in U.S. funds. If I was a student teacher or first year teacher, it would be a no brainer...

The New Teachers Kit was advertized as making "Student Teaching/1st Job EASY!" In fact, using this 115 page resource, you would "have all the resources of an experienced teacher at hand!"

Author Nadia Distel claims her kit will "save you hours in laborious busy-work" and give you "a confident, stress-free, enjoyable start to your teaching career."

Wait!!!! If teaching was this simple, why not share the resource's wealth with experienced teachers as well...to help them bypass the "laborious busy-work" and make them "confident, stress-free."

And, why waste time with taking meaningless math content courses, irrelevant pedagogy courses...or even earning a credential. Just hand anyone this outstanding resource, and that person has just become the equivalent of an "experienced teacher"!

I know...keep quiet, as I am trying to save my job at the University. As long as future teachers do not have access to this resource, I still have merit.