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In the 1950s, mathematician Edward Kasner asked his nine-year-old nephew, Milton, what name he wanted to give the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. The result is the name "googol."

Approximately 30 years later, Ms. Kovar asked her class of elementary students (Foresthill Elementary, CA) to suggest a name for the number written with a 1 followed by a thousand zeros.

Seven names resulted: zoop, afoogler, asepler, boogol, knogler, soogool, and thoogol. No consensus could be reached.

So, the class asked for help from the district math consultant. He turned the problem over to the Board of Directors of the California Math Council.

Last I heard, the Board was to meet on June 3 (about 20 years ago), choose one of the seven names, and then "recommend it to NCTM, MAA, and Miriam-Webster."

Unfortunately, I can find no record of a decision occurring....and I can not ask Ms. Kovar, as she no longer teaches at that school.

So, does anyone want to voice an opinion about those seven names...or suggest a new one?