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Musings Over A QuarterPounder?

The Quarterpounder was invented in 1971 to meet the needs of an "adult who wanted a higher ratio of meat to bun." It has a precooked weight of a quarter of a pound (4 oz), and a cooked weight of 3 oz. So, the name fits.

But, what about other terms that use the prefix "Quarter-": Quarterback, Quarterdeck, Quartermaster, etc.?

First, a quarterback historically was the football player positioned one-fourth of the distance between the linemen and the fullback. Today, for anyone who watches modern football games, the definition makes no sense.

Second, a quarterdeck on a ship is the deck reserved for use by officers...and is about one-fourth of the area covering the main deck. Is this still true?

So, what about other uses of "quarter"...do they fit? Consider: living quarters, college quarter, quarter coin, a victor showing "no quarter" to the enemy, or even quartet?

We need a mathematical word specialist with the power to enforce misuse of mathematical terms!