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Have you ever wondered what the word "aftermath" means. And, is it connected in any way to mathematics?

I have often told my students that there is nothing "AfterMath, " except perhaps a let-down. Little did I know that some could claim I was right for this strange word.

In dictionaries, "aftermath" means a consequence or period of time following a disastrous event or misfortune. For those students who despise or experience trouble in their mathematics class, the word "aftermath" is fitting!

As to its etymology, "aftermath" literally means "after--math" where "math" is an archaic term for "mowing" hay or grass. Thus, no connection to mathematics (or even the English "maths"), unless mathematics means the science of mowing.

In case you have never checked, the word "mathematics" is traced to both the Greek "mathematik", from "mathēma" (meaning "science") and the Greek "mathēmatikos," from "manthanein" (meaning "to learn").

Now you know!