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R U A Calculist?

In his book, Mark Halpern describes a sect called the "calculists." Are you one?

Anchored in the view that there exists a "seamless transhuman domain called mathematical discipline," the calculists contend that programming languages become improved if they approach mathematical notation...rigorous, precise, and economical.

This echoes Leibniz's "characteristica universalis." His goal was the creation of an "alphabet of human thought" or an "algebra of thought," whereby "all truths of reason would be reduced to a kind of calculus."

That is, personal and scientific arguments would be avoided, because statements would be precise and exact...i.e. provable.

But this is why Halpern fights against the calculists' invasion of the programming process, stating the false belief that "the mathematician has a kind of childhood-friend intimacy with the computer that no later comer can hope to attain."

And, I confess, I am a calculist...

Source: M. Halpern's Binding Time: Six Studies in Programming Technology and Milieu, 1990.