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On-Line YIKES!!

The title for the ebay ad was very normal: Algebra Tutor will assist with algebra assignments. But, then I read more...

The ad: "I have tutored algebra for more than 10 years. I will assist with your online algebra class or maybe you have an assignment that you don't have time to do.. I can assist you with it or I can just do it for you." (emphasis mine)

I reacted vocally (in words not appropriate to write)...then, asked how can this be? The person offering was "Selena1Powell" from Richland, MS, with a link to a website "Do My Algebra Assignments."

On the web site, one reads: "SPECIALIZED ALGEBRA TUTOR WILL COMPLETE YOUR ALGEBRA ASSIGNMENTS...Maybe you need someone to complete you entire online Algebra class for you, we can help....Or maybe you just need a test taken because you are too busy to get it done, we can help....YOUR INFORMATION IS COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL....I HAVE HELPED HUNDREDS OF STUDENTS, I CAN HELP YOU TOO."

I find this proposal/ad morally wrong...even blatant. So, I sent a "unfriendly" e-mail to "Selena1Powell"... But have received no response. Why don't you all send her a nasty note as well!

If interested in helping frustrate her, go to www.algebratesttakers.webs.com for more information.