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Math War Update

Many of you are aware that this website has been waging its personal "math war" against an individual offering to do online tests for a fee.

To update things, the original website has been closed. One victory won!

On a side note, one of my colleagues responded to original offer, posing as a student. The reply: "If you give me the information then I will go in and make sure all the assignments and quizzes are taken on time. The only test I can't take for you is the midterm and the final. So you will still need to take the practice test so you will know what will be on the mid term and final. For the entire class from beginning to the end I charge $400. Some people just need certain assignments done or certain quizzes. $15 for each assignment, $50 for each quiz and $65 for each timed quiz."

Now, a new battle has emerged, and I think it was purposely set to frustrate me personally. On our local area's Craig's List, I found the offer Need help with an online math class?, which read: "I'll take it for you, while you spend the time on what you want to do! I've taken many online classes and am familiar with all kinds of formats (Mathlab/ Mastering, BlackBoard, Plato, etc). Algebra, geometry, precalculus, calculus. Guaranteed A when starting the class from the beginning, and significant grade improvements for starting midway through."

I responded to the ad with some negative words but no reply, flagged the ad with no effect...and even posted a counter-ad as a warning: "Please avoid the ad labeled "Need Help with an Online Class?" What is being offered is illegal and improper....! Also, it is a slap in the face of all of those teachers and students who care and do their own work....". But, as expected, my wartning message was flagged as well!

So, wherever you are, please remain vigilant and help resolve this new math war!