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Too Many Taedium Vitaests

The origin of the word student is from the Latin studere, which means "to be eager about."

So, I ask, why are so many "bodies" in classrooms called students, when they clearly are not such. That is, classrooms (grades 6-University) are filled with individuals who are definitely not eager about either the mathematics being taught or how it is being taught.

So, maybe we should have another label, other than student. I suggest taedium vitaest, which is from the Latin as well and means "feeling that life is boring and dull."

So, now mathematics teachers have a new role: Try to convert taedium vitaests into students.

And, if this is not our focus, then any mathematics being taught is being wasted and ignored.

But, can this change occur...especially since a great many mathematics teachers also are taedium vitaests!