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Land For Sale

I collect weird ideas...you might have already guessed such. But this is a weird one related to mathematics.

The federal government was selling some land near Beaver, Oklahoma. Which of these lots would you be interested in?

  • Parcel A: 1 mile long and 2.64 feet wide
  • Parcel B: 2.5 miles long and 50 feet wide
My questions are several. First, if you bought Parcel A, what could you do with it? You could not build anything on it, as such requires it be more than 10 feet wide to meet frontage rules.

Second, I can imagine building a small house at one end of Parcel B, with a 2.5 mile long lawn in front of it...and a 2.5 mile winding driveway!

And third, what is the acreage of each plot?

Source: Stockton Record, 3/29/1983