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Kemeney's Dream Falls Short

At Darmouth College in 1964, Professors John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz invented the BASIC programming language. Later, as President of Darmouthy, Kemeney wrote an impassioned article.

Kemeney hoped that before he died, he would see a newspaper article about a school hiring a mathematics teacher as the priority, with a side note that he/she could also coach a sport. Kemeny died in 1992 without his dream realized!

Symtomatic of this is the recent hiring at Lincoln High School in Tacoma, WA. In a Seattle Times article and at a press conference shown on TV, former professional quarterback John Kitna was introduced as the new football coach.

The footnote lost in this news is that he also will teach mathematics. No press conference was held to announce this aspect of his hiring. Why not?

Now, I know nothing about Kitna's ability as a mathematics teacher, but I doubt he was hired because of that ability. So, once again, Kemeney's dream falls short.

Source: Seattle Times, "Jon Kitna to Coach Football at Tacoma High School," 1/26/2012.