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Autoanimated Pi?


Artist Pavilina (NC) has titled this painting Pi Observing Utensils About to Kiss at Two in the Afternoon. It was being sold on ebay.

Describing the painting, Pavilina writes: "Two autoanimated kitchen utensils have found love. They seem completely oblivious to the autoanimated mathematical symbol that has silently approached them. Many scientists and mathematicians find this scenario perplexing, because symbols and kitchen utensils typically display little emotion. Pi appears lonely here… maybe even a bit jealous. He seems to be making all sorts of judgments about this couple. He wonders why a solidly middle-class spatula would even mess around with a “scraper” type from the other side of the tracks… obviously not even dishwasher safe. A cheap wooden handle is certainly not a sign of a good provider."

Remember, somebody had this person as a student in their mathematics classes! And, are Phi and e autoanimated as well...whatever that means?