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Stock Market Panic

This past June, panic hit the Shanghhai Stock Exchange...when it fell 64.89 points...but not because of the amount. Why?

The drop occurred on June 4, 2012, which 23 years earlier was the Tiananmen Square squashing of the pro-democracy students. That is, it occurred on 6-4-89.

Now, in China, numerology is highly regarded. The drop of 64.89 points caused the Chinese internet censors to temporarily block all blog postings and linked references to the tragedy.

A second eerie event...the next morning, the stock market opened at 2346.98, which once again echoed in reverse the values of 6-4-89 along with the 23 for years since the tragedy.

Now, the big question: was this all a coincidence, or was a computer hacker involved? Whatever, the effects of numerology-based concerns reigned.

And remember, the Beijing Olympics started at exactly 8:08 p.m. on 8-8-08. It helps to know that the Chinese view "8" as an "auspicious number."

So, in the U.S., what happens if a student adds 345 + 321 or subtracts 1256 - 345, do we panic? Perhaps it is impossible to avoid the numerology side of mathematics!

Source: Adaptyed from K. Bradsher's "Stock Market Echo," NYT, 6/5/12