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Value in Number Patterns

In your daily life, do you look for numerical patterns? They can prove important!

Consider this example: Fourteen gamblers were playing mini-baccarat this past April in the Golden Nugget Atlantic City casino. They noticed that the eight decks of cards being used had not been preshuffled, and thus kept producing a predictable sequence of cards.

Without stating thier discovery, the gamblers kept raising their bets, often $10 a hand to $5,000 a hand. And, they won 41 consecutive times....resulting in a total winnings of $1.5 million.

As the gamblers continued to win, the casino bosses became convinced that the gamblers were cheating. Security teams were everywhere but could not figure out how the gamblers were cheating... because they were not! Unfortunately for the casino, neither the security teams nor the dealers focused on the card sequences and the evident patterns.

So the recognition of patterns pays off? Sort of! The casino is presently suing the gamblers to get the $1.5 million back. Their argument: the gamblers and the casino both began the game believing it was legal and proper, and state gambling regulations require that all casino games offer fair odds to both sides. In this case, the game was not fair and the gamblers had an advantage.

The real culprit is Gemaco Inc., a Missouri playing card manufacturer that has stated it provided a defective shipment of cards that were not preshuffled. But is this the gamblers' fault...especially when they noticed the pattern and the casino did not?

And is this a first case? No, last December the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort discovered that it had used unshuffled baccarat cards for 3 hours before catching the error...and a $91,000 fine and firing of nine people (ala Trump). No record of what the participating gamblers won, or even if they noticed the pattern.

The moral of the story: Look for numerical patterns everywhere...the payoff is always great!