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My Final Confrontation Worth .93

In this week's Math News, I share three pictures documenting my efforts to fight the battle against incorrect pricing (i.e. an item for .99).

While paying for an item at a local Thrift Store, I noticed that they were selling new shopping bags for .93. Given that it was a Thrift Store operating for charity, I kindly pointed out that the price should be either $.93 or 93.

I was appalled at the clerk's responses, who said that someone else had pointed the error out previously.

I asked why she did not change it, since it was wrong. She replied that it did not matter, as everyone knew what the price really meant!

I stated that such seemed to be true only for the uneducated. A second time (my wife would have appreciated my patience), I kindly asked her to correct the price, preferably now or at least before the next time I came to the store.

Her reply: "I won't change it, knowing that it bugs you!"

Handing back my items to her, I replied that I would no longer shop at the store. They apparently were not interested in my business...and I probably will never visit that store again (unless I find a penny on the ground and need to buy a shopping bag for .93).