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D-Feet D-Math Blahs

Math on T-shirts has fallen to a new low...to appear on shoes. Thanks to K.W. (WWU) for pointing this out to me...

The Toms company offers two vegan-friendly options. From their ad: "Remember A Beautiful Mind and Good Will Hunting? It's like we took their crazy math equations and put them on a printed canvas upper. Warning: people might mistake you for a math genius!"

First, consider the "geometry" shoe:

And if that does not fit your math-style, try their "calculus" shoe:

No math-oriented sexism on the part of Toms...as they offer these shoes for both women and men.

But, the big question... why does the Toms store disrespect algebra, trig, probability, etc.? Guess you need to take out some nail polish and paint your own!