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Forgotten Sound-Byte

Do we ever learn (or believe?) anything from the myriad of math ed reports that are issued? Usually the reports are translated into a few sound-bytes, which are then lost (and forgotten) amidts the arrival of "new" reports.

In 1990, the College Board issued its report Changing the Odds: Factors Increasing Access to College. Sounds important, right?

Have you ever heard about it...let alone read it?

The report was based on an analysis of 16,000 secondary students. Thus, should it not have merit?

One of its conclusions: Essentially all college-bound students who take a geometry course in high school do in fact enter and complete college... for all ethnic groups.

Now, this report wa issued 23 years ago, and we can reasonably search for its impact? Especially when this sound-byte seems important?

Alas, we seem to be taking a step backwards, as in many secondary programs, geometry is becoming a "hidden" course. That is, it is either not required (due to the strong voice of advocates for algebraic manipulation as an end-all) or it becomes integrated into multi-topic courses (which unforutnately strip away all of the "essence" of geometry...such as proofs, logic, dynamic explorations, conjecturing, etc.).

People who make curricular decisions need to reflect and react logically and rationally (i.e. using report data such as this). Rather, they tend to jump on fads or subscribe to diatribes issued by camps within a math war.