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In a recent 2012 SmartBrief survey of educators, 40% reported that online applications and games are the most effective way to engage students.

Combine that tidbit with ebay ad selling computer game Ninjabra: Epic Algebra Battles for $15. I kid you not!

The game uses a Ninjabra team to guide you through 24-levels of adventure. It promises that you will learn everything from Factorization to the Quadratic Formula, all "the while, battling dragons, samurai dinosaurs, evil sushi monsters, robot ninja monkeys, and sumo zombies."

Throughout, you need to answer rote questions during battles, earning "element points" that help your eight playable characters "fight the forces of darkness."

Can you resist this great learning opportunity! And soon, we can expect the full range of Ninjamatics: Ninjeometry, Ninjability, Ninjanometry, and Ninjaculus.