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$4000, Marked Down to $400

The ebay ad read: "IBM MEN OF MODERN MATHEMATICS 1000-1900 PRODUCED BY CHARLES EAMES 1966 12ft x 2ft. This poster is very rare and was never tacked to a math class wall. Two halves still attached. NOT A REPRODUCTION! No missing paper! Some 1 inch rips along edge but easily restored. Few originals left for sale at Eames office for $4,000.00."

The ebay seller starting price was $1000... then relisted it at $600. And, it finally sold for about $400.

I have had this same time-line poster on my classroom/office wall for 40+ years, complete with its rips and tears from many job moves. IBM gave these posters out FREE by request. I also have another pristine copy that has never been used or looked at. (Anyone want to buy it?)

The poster has been a great resource. When frustrated over something (e.g. a faculty meeting!), I would calm byself down by just standing and reading the poster....and I learned alot. In fact, I believe this led to my current passion for the history of mathematics.

Note: If you want a interactive copy of this time-line, it is now available as a free app from IBM.