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We Need More "Duh's"

When we teach math, we often overcomplicate things...and leave students bewildered.

Occasionally, some students will feel brave enough to say: "But wouldn't it be simpler to just do...."

And if we listen, our reaction is often "Duh!"

For example, while researching the term "Walk Around Problem" in geometry, I discovered a related YouTube video.

Watch the video...follow the careful explanation of the mathematics, which will also give you a feeling for the meaning of "walk around problems."

Then , read the student comments...particularly that of "okstopaskingme." Then relook at the video around time 3:11.

The student is right...as the instructor misses the obvious: For length BC, (8-x)+(11-x)=13 and x = 3.

That is, another DUH has occurred!

And, if only more students dared to create DUH moments for us....

NOTE: For those interested, a "Walk-Around Problem" has nothing to do with songs by Commander Cody. Rather, they supposedly can be traced back to olde textbook problems involving men walking around circles via tangential polygonal paths. If you know more, please let me know....