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The Love Formula

The Village Theater (NY) currently showcases the new musical I Love You Because. The main character is Marcy, spurned by a past love, who decides to find her new lover via the use of a mathematical formula. Members of the audience are advised to bring their calculators.

Does this story-line sound too far-fetched? Not when you consider the story of Johannes Kepler, German astronomer/mathematician (1571-1630). Dejected after the death of his first wife--not because she died but because of how long she had made him feel misearable--Kepler reportedly devised a scientific formula that guided his search for a second wife. After gathering values for his variables during "dates" with eleven female candidates, he proposed to and married Susanna Reutlinger, the "high scorer."

Source: N. Genzlinger's "Theater Review," New York Times, February 15, 2006.