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Math and ESP

Math gets used in the oddest ways...transending all other disciplines.

An example involves Stepan Figar, a Czechoslovokian reseacher who focuses on ESP phenomena.

In the 1950's, he wanted to scientifically test the growing hypothesis that ESP was more likely to occur between emotionally-linked relatives.

Figar separated two subjects (relatives) by a screen, then linked test subject A to a plethysmograph, which measures shifts in blood volume between various parts of the body.

Test subject B was then given an arithmetic problem to calculate... Why? Because research had already shown that such math exercises normally cause blood to flow to the brain.

Figar's results and conclusion: Test subject B also experienced a shift of blood to their brain, even though they had not seen or done the math calculation....and thus, unconscious ESP was indeed taking place.

So, math proved valuable once again!

Yet, such studies raise concern. If relatives take a math class together...or if two emotionally-linked people take a math class together, how can one monitor their work on exams? Just a posed thought, not a real worry...

Source: S. Leonard (ed.), Mind Power, 1992, p. 65