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Circle with 4 Corners?

Have you heard of the fashion label 4 corners Of a circle, created by designer Natsuko Kanno?

The name puzzles me! Corners...circle?

It turns out that even the people working for Ms. Kanno never get it right: saying 4 Circles in a Square or 4 Corners of a City, etc.

So why the name? On her website, designer Kanno tries to clarify: "In what looks like a circle, there might be corners." This reflects her "strong belief in what some can see but others might not comprehend."

From a mathematician's point of view, the name is not troublesome...since a circle is a regular polygon with an infinite number of sides (and corners). One could select any four of these corners and...

But then, are we not used to the term "four corners of the world"? What does it mean mathematically?

At least the designer did not use the name 4 corners of a triangle! Not sure how mathematicians could get "round" that one...

Source: Rant triggered by article in NYT, 2/7/2013.