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Super Bowl XL

Who would think that business marketing specialists would drool over a Roman numeral? That was the case for the recent Super Bowl XL.

Though few (including the players) probably cared that the XL stood for 40, to others it meant money! Barry Janoff, Executive Editor of Brandweek, claims the memorable XL logo on products triggered profits: "You're thinking extra large, you're thinking excel."

Has this occasion generated new interest in Roman numerals? Janoff adds that "A lot of people probably think the NFL invented Roman numerals." The audacity of such narrow sentiments... though wouldn't it be neat if the numbers on player's jerseys were Roman numerals or scores/statistics were reported in Roman numerals? It would generate a whole new version of Fantasy Football, as few would have any "real" chance of knowing what was going on.

Source: J. Branch's "All the Numerals Fit to Print," New York Times, February 1, 2006.