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Toss the Book

Have you ever been excited at the purchase of a used book? My answer is yes!

For example, at a used book sale I found a "new" copy of Robert Hershey's All the Math You Need to Get Rich (2002). How could I lose, given the book cost me 50 cents.

Then I started reading it...Ugh!

In the Preface: "This book has nothing about algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or calculus, because those topics have no practical application for ordinary people in their daily lives. Those branches of mathematics have no bearing on the decisions you will make..."

I closed the book....dropped it on the floor...and will give it to Goodwill, unread by myself.

The audacity of an author to make such an upfront claim....I could care less about his financial suggestions.

Thus, I still have my math, which is useful...but, the element of "rich" still escapes me...except I feel en-riched by the fact that my mathematics is useful!