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A Sad Memory

Today is actually a sad day...memorywise.

It is the 30th anniversary of perhaps the most stupid thing I have ever heard a principal say....

I was heading out to the a NCTM Regional Math Conference that was within driving distance. I offered space in my car to any local teachers who wanted free transportation.

A grade 2 teacher took me up on the offer, having never been to a math conference previously.

Via union rules she got release time for Professional Development. I told her she should ask her principal to support her further by paying her registration fee or possibly her room/board costs for the three days.

The principal's reply: "You're lucky you got this much, as you aren't even a math teacher!"

With non-leadership and dumb styatements like that, it is no wonder that we have trouble with students learning quality mathematics.

My hope: The principal is gone and that times have changed. But have they?