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123,000 Error

In England, the Birmingham City Council ordered 25 tons of lard (pig-fat) to supply its 480 school kitchens.

Unfortunately, the decimal point was misplaced, and the order fulfilled was for 250 tons of lard.

After a seven-year legal battle, the Council settled with the distributor out-of-court for 123,000 plus court costs.

Despite the Council's claims, the distributor stated that the "errant" order was a contract. And the council claimed that the distributor should have flagged the error, as no one would ever order that amount of lard.

Note: One ton of lard has a volume of about 277 gallons...so 250 tons would be how great in volume? A swimming pool? A class room? A gymnasium? etc.

Source: Times Education Supplement, 1/24/2013