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A Sad Update

In the April 8, 2007, issue of MathNEXUS, the Statistics-of-the-Week dealt with persistent hiccups.

The prime focus was on fifteen-year-old Jennifer Mee (St. Petersburg, FL), who had started hiccupping during her first period science class.

The hiccupping continued non-stop for 37 days, occurring in short bursts at 50 hiccups a minute.

The sad news: Jennifer Mee, the hiccups wonder, was found guilty of first-degree murder in Florida this past week and will serve life in prison without parole.

While on top of the world as the Hiccups Queen, she appeared on several TV shows. On the Today show, country music star Keith Urban even hugged her in sympathy.

Now, she is at the bottom of the world, one of three people being charged with murder during a drug deal that went awry.

A side note: Ms. Mee hiccupped ocasionally during her murder trial.