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Solidus and Viniculums

Any idea what a solidus or a viniculum are? They play strong roles in mathematics. In fact, you may use them every day...or at least, often.

A solidus is the proper name for the oblique stroke used when writing a fraction, such as 1/2.

Its other "common" names are diagonal, separatrix, virgule, shilling, slant, or slash.

A viniculum is the proper name for the line placed over repeated digits when writing a repeating decimal.

Also, a vinculum is involved in doing long division. Originally division of 34 by 6 was written 6)34. Later, the vinculum was added above the 34 to make the now "official" division symbol.

A viniculum is also used in the now official root notation...and was even used to represent a grouping of terms (before the use of parentheses).

Now, you can sleep without worrying...