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Earth to Pi

In 1999, computer scientists at the University of Tokyo computed the number Pi to 206,158,430,000 decimal digits...surpassing their own previous record.

If this string of digits for Pi were written in 11-point type on a strip of paper, it would list 16 digits per inch....requiring a total of 12,884,901,880 inches!

That is, 1,073,741,823 feet or 203,360 miles. This is the distance from Seattle to Miami, round trip 30 times.

Or, requiring a strip of paper 8.2 times around the earth's equator.

Oops...rethink all of this. On October 17, 2011, this same group of scientists announced they now have calculated the first 5 trillion digits of PI. That is, a strip of digit-filled paper that basically circumvents the earth's circumference 200 times!

But, do you care?