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This web site offered new content for almost ten school years....about 5000 pages of content!

Often, the web site seemed to operate in a vacuum...information was entered, posted...but I never was sure anyone read the information made available. It is an odd feeling.

Nonetheless, thanks to those who sent me notes, information, and suggestions.

Eventually, the site averaged more about 5000 hits weekly, which may seem great. But, as the creator of the website, I always wondered how or if mathematics teachers and others actually used the information being provided?

When comparing which pages are most-viewed by visitors to the site, "Problem-of-the-Week" and "Humor-of-the-Week" always won hands down.

MathNEXUS was even linked to other websites, such as for professional groups and even a few foreign web sites. Some classroom teachers included a link on their school site. I guess that's the criteria for "making it."

Have a great day, week, and year...enjoying mathematics!