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But Wait...

According to a recent news article, I'm gradually morphing into a dinosaur. An artifact at best. Why?

Because I still wear a wristwatch. I still use a calculator. I still play CD's (let alone casettes and even vinyl records). I still like to leaf through phone books and dictionaries. I hate cell phones.

And what is the world supposedly doing around me? Using PDA units and cell phones to check the time, perform calculations, listen to music, find phone numbers, and do spell checks.

Bob Thompson, Syracuse University professor of pop culture, claims PDAs and Ipods are IN...making all of my daily tools OUT... "destined for the great trash heap in the sky."

Having spend most of my life as an educator pushing peers into the future by promoting the use of technology, I now find myself being more and more comfortable with the things of the past. Join me?

Source: Chris Macias' "Clock's Ticking on Some Gizmos," Sacramento Bee, May 8, 2006