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Weird Math!

Ever explored the website YTMND.com, which stands for You're The Man Now, Dog? It contains more than 250,000 "time wasters," which basically are a visual image with a looping sound file. The site, started by computer programmer Max Goldberg, averages 4 million visitors a month (slightly more than than this site)!

So why mention this site? I did a search using "math" on it...and found some interesting "timewasters" that you might want to share with students. Some that I suggest are:

I know...these are strange. If you search through the 200+ other math-related entries on this site, be forewarned that many are off-color and push the limit of appropriateness. Lastly, though not directly connected to math, the most viewed title ever on the site is the Blue Ball Machine...but I also like Raid the Blue Ball Machine.