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Math in Use

Mathematics is everywhere... or so it seems whenever I browse on e-bay. Recently, someone was selling a text about an unexpected use of mathematics...yet it makes sense.

The book: The Mathematics of Turfgrass Maintenance, written by Nick Christians and Michael Agnew. Now in its third edition!

My curiosity arose...what could this book be about? What would someone have to know about math in order to raise and maintain turfgrass? After some searching, I found the book's "Table of Contents"...some of its items:
  • Area Calculuation
  • Volume Calculation
  • Fertilizer Calculation
  • Pesticide Calculation
  • Irrigation Calculation
  • Seeding Rate Calculation
  • The Metric system
A lot of middle school level mathematics "in use." But, I wondered... with a copyright date of 2000, wouldn't most of these calculations now be done by technology such as a computer program, a spreadsheet template, or on a calculator. So what was in the book? If you want to know, check the book out at Amazon.com...some sample chapter pages are available there.

And no, I did not buy the book, nor did anyone bid on its opening price of about $30 U.S. Maybe turfgrass maintainers are learning enough math in our secondary school programs.