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Math-Lite Thoughts

This week's column essentially has nothing to do with math. But, I wanted to share the short video that is the new rage, in that it has been seen by more than 6 million people already.

The video came to my attention via a magazine article describing how large companies (e.g. Frito-Lay) are organizing contests, challenging people to create the next "blockbuster" crazy video that will make it on YouTube or Google-Video, complete of course with brand-name exposure.

The video in question is called "The Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments." It can be found on the EepyBird web site

Be prepared.....it is a far cry from when I used to pour salt into a glass bottle coke to watch the cascading bubbles.

Perhaps you have already seen this video...and are one of the 6 million viewers that preceded me. My wife informed me that our son and her "saw it last summer." I have always been a little slow and must have been #6,000,001! Is that a prime number? ...had to get the math in somewhere.