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Growing Ownership

This web site is becoming even more fun because more and more readers/users are playing stronger roles. That is, math teachers are suggesting specific content, which makes my task both fun and somewhat easier.

First, David Ellinger, a Seattle Prep math teacher, suggested the rather unusual problem for this week. Though tied to a big idea in calculus, the problem is accessible to any student in grades 6-14.

Second, Michael Naylor, a WWU math professor, suggested a great extension to last week's explorations of the Monty Hall problem. His very surprising discoveries are now included as part of the "solution commentary."

Third, Bob Robinson, retired math specialist and resident baseball umpire, suggested the web site reviewed for this week (Wired Math). Many other teachers have suggested web sites as well.....

Fourth, B.K. (WY) first shared the math humor with me, and got me permission from its creator to share it on this site.

Thanks David, Micahel, Bob, and B.K. ....and all of the rest of you who will now flood my e-mail box with ideas!