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Math Tutor For Hire

On Ebay recently, a person offered math tutoring "via email or your phone call for a period of one month or 30 days." The person claimed to be a certified Algebra 1 teacher in Muldrow, Oklahoma, and had taught Algebra, Pre-Algebra, and General Math for twelve years. No one capitalized on this great offer by placing a bid, though the starting bid amount was only $20! Yet, I am left with several questions:

(a) No time limits were set...so someone could buy the tutoring and then talk to the tutor by phone for 24-hours per day for each day of a month?

(b) How does one get certified in only one specific subject area--Algebra 1?

(c) Could this help a struggling student succeed on mathematics exams in class, using the services of this tutor and a text phone, spreading the 30 days out over a period of a year?

Source: ebay: Item #5589642885