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Numbers Stations

Listen to this list of number sequences, read by a mysterious female voice. Make an extra effort to listen for the 6 and 9.

The previous audio was an actual recording of a transmission from a "Numbers Station," which some claim are part of a top-secret spy netowrk. Oh, did I remember to tell you that listening to numbers stations in the United Kingdom is illegal (I know of no similar law in the United States).

Many people listen to numbers stations, trying to intercept messages and clues. The idea has become so fashionable that recorded number sequences from these stations have been integrated into popular songs (e.g. Pere Ubu's On the Lamb or Chroma Keys' Even the Waves), movies (e.g. Red Dawn, and television shows (e.g. Lost).

To learn more about Numbers Stations, consider these web sites:

But please don't tell anyone I sent you to these sites!