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Film vs Flim-Flam

David de Hilster, Film Director, asks: "Would your life change if Einstein's theory of relativity were wrong? The answer is yes, but not because of what you would loose - which is nothing - but for what the world stands to gain."

His expanded answer is the basis of Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year, a documentary film de Hilster has been making since 2004. The "odd" storyline follows his mother "as she goes into the classroom, out into the streets, attends an underworld physics conference, and finally takes physics into her own hands to discover the truth about relativity and the 'miracle year' of Einstein. See her enter the dark side of physics where the legend of Einstein is not the solution, but part of the problem."

I am not kidding you...this film is a real project. Please visit the movie's web site or watch a trailer for the movie.