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5th Grade Math?

Have you been watching the recent TV program Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Ugh!

On 2/27/07, the $5000 question was from the category of 4th Grade Math: "If a triangle has an area of 16 square inches and a base of 8 inches, how long is it's height?" The contestant did not know the answer (said he was fairly confident the answer was "one inch"), yet he "copied" the 5th grader's answer of "four inches."

Then, on 2/28/07 in the same category, the question was "How many sides are there on a trapazoid?" The contestant's response (on seeing the question): "What is that?" Then she peeked at and used the 5th grader's answer of "4." When told that answer was correct, she said: "Why call it a trapezoid then...when it is a square!"

I should add that the program's host then read her the definition of a trapazoid: "A trapezoid has two parallel sides and two non-parallel sides." Guess I learned something and I need to correct my ways...having always known and taught that a square was a trapezoid! Or, I did I learn that I am not smarter than a 5th grader...