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Name Change: Part II

This note has nothing to do with mathematics, but it does have something to with creativity. And, after teaching and doing mathematics for more than eleventeen years, I think the two elements are connected.

In my math history class after I mentioned Michael Herbert Dengler's effort to change his name to 1069 (last week's Math Lint), a student described an even more creative name-change....that I think should win an award for ingenuity!

In 2005, David Leroy Gatchell legally changed his middle name to "None of the Above." He then ran as an independent candidate in the 2006 Senate election in Tennessee...and hoped that voters would select David "None of the Above" Gatchell. Unfortunately, the election commission denied his request, refused to print his middle name, and he lost.

We need more creative thinkers like this...especially in mathematics classrooms!