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To Err is Human

I enjoy finding mathematical errors made in print by others...it somehow makes my errors seem more acceptable. And, I enjoy sharing these errors with my students for the same reason. So, consider these two examples...

First, in the fall of 2006, Stacy S. tried to reserve a truck from Penske Truck Rental. The web site produced a pop-up, stating that all vehicles must be reserved "at least 693963 days in advance." Now this is the equivalent of more than 1901 years!

Second, want to participate in a lengthy auction? while searching for the British book Maths in Action, I found it was available on the web site [www.academic-books-auction.com] for an opening bid of 6 pounds (about $12). However, I did not have to race to enter my bid...as the auction started on July 1, 2006 and it would not close until July 10, 2010. That's right...I would have had to wait three more years to see if I am the winning bidder!

If you know of more errors like this, please share them with me.