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George Chesnut, Spy

I occasionally come across interesting items...at least I think they are interesting. So I try to pass them along....such as this info from the recent obituary of a spy.

First, the interesting mathematics connection. George Leoni Chestnut was a man who kept his mind engaged. When in line to pick up a license plate at the DMV, he calculated to see if the next plate's number was a prime numbers, letting others go ahead of him until the prime number he desired came up.

But who was he? George loved learning diverse languages....to the point that he was skilled as a translator of more than 50 languages. As one might expect, he worked for the government (Naval Intelligence and NSA) as a spy and translator...and in the evenings, he translated Biblical Greek into multiple languages.

George died April 27, 2007...which unfortunately was not a prime date. But, his obituary was published on the 29th!