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Rubik's Cube and War

Many have played with the Rubik's Cube...or should I say, got frustrated trying to restore it to its original solid-colored sides. It started as a toy in 1974...

Then, mathematicians got a hold of a Rubik's Cube and saw its mathematical connections. Soon, it was the poster child for group theory and the basis of abstract algebra courses.

And now, a multidimensional model for the National War College (Washington D.C.), the Rubik's Cube has become a "tool for understanding warfare as a concept. The Cube provides an approach to organizing one's thinking. Taken in that light, it can be used as the following: (1) an aid in evaluating current national and military strategy, (2) a starting point for developing alternative strategies, and (3) a methodology for analyzing and validating the lessons learned from previous conflicts."

Source: Keith Skidmore's essay for the War College