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Geometer Jeff Weeks has released a new version of a great piece of public-domain software called KaleidoTile. It is not only great fun but you learn a great amount about the various geometries.

As in previous versions of KaleidoTile, students explore tessellations of the sphere, the Euclidean plane, and the hyperbolic plane while creating colorful works of art. Within each symmetry group, any tessellation morphs to any other; for example, students may morph a dodecahedron to an icosahedron, confirming that the dodecahedron and the icosahedron share the same underlying symmatries.

A new feature in KaleidoTile is that students can apply their own digital images (or images from the library provided) to the faces of the tiling, which morph in real time to create a truly kaleidoscopic effect.

Classroom Study Questions and some documentation are provided. KaleidoTile's new features are currently PC, with some reduced options for a Mac.

KaleidoTile is available for free download at :

KalideoTile software